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Need Another Reason to Stop Buying Fur? Watch this Sad Footage of Mink Attacking Each Other at a Lithuanian Fur Farm

Upsetting news from the Daily Mail has found that mink on a fur farm in Lithuania are attacking and eating each other in their terrible conditions. The animals were filmed by an animal rights group.

The video shows the mink jumping up and down in their tiny cages and leaping in distress. One part of the video shows an animal has been ripped in half.

Lead Image Source : Image Source: shauttra/ Shutterstock.com

Animal rights group Open Cages took the video last year to bring light to the terrible fur industry.

Open Cages CEO Connor Jackson told the Daily Mail, “Appalling conditions like these are surprisingly common across the fur industry. But there is no excuse for this level of .

We’re calling on Secretary of State for Environment Theresa Villiers to commit to tackling this issue as the Labour Party has done; use Brexit as an opportunity to ban the sale of fur in the UK. ‘(Do it) before yet more animals lose their lives to this outdated industry.”

The UK banned fur farms in 2000, but still allows the import of fur products. FurLithuania, a group representing , said the video contained “unacceptable scenes,” and said, “The Lithuanian Attorney General’s Office has already started investigations after our legal statement about the origins of the similar video footage distributed by the Empty Cages NGO in 2018.

If the death of a happens in the farm it is registered in the special journal and the bodies must be placed safely in a refrigerator and later transported to the utilisation company.

No one throws dead animals around the farm.”

You can sign this to ban fur in the United Kingdom!


This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 13 February 2020.

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