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Why Do Dogs Lick Human Faces

There are certain habits of our pets that we love and traits that we dislike. Quietly sitting on a chair, thinking some stuff or doing something, you suddenly get this lick on your face from your dog that can either be annoying or adorable to you. Have you ever thought why your dog licks your face out of nowhere? Well! Licking human faces is common and functional dog behavior and today we are going to dig deeper into it.

Why Dogs Lick Your Face?

Dogs don’t communicate but they
possess an ability to convey a lot through their actions. Your dog might either
lick too much or occasionally. There are many reasons that trigger your dog to
lick your face and that’s what we’re going to discuss in detail.


Licking is the major mode of
communication for a dog. Right from the birth, mother communicates by licking
her puppies and cleaning them when they are born and stimulates them to start
breathing. So, when your pup licks your face, it means that he might be
expressing his affection for you to strengthen the bonding between you both.


Just as their wolf ancestors,
wild dogs lick their pack leader’s face to convey that they need food.
Therefore, if you notice that your dog licks your face often at their feeding
time, he may be letting you know that he wants food.


Dog licking your face can also
indicate that they respect you. Earlier, dogs used face-licking to communicate
respect and submission to their pack leader. So, when your dog licks your face,
he may be communicating that he really respects you and acknowledges you as a
pack leader. It’s just a dog thing!  


There are many things that we
do out of wish and without any reason. Similarly, dogs like to lick your face
and there might be simply no reason behind it. It’s just that they lick you
because the act of licking releases pleasurable endorphins which make them feel


Dogs are curious by nature.
They have special receptors in the nose that allows them to sniff around and
explore the world. When your dog licks your face they might also intend to
gather information about you. By licking your face, your dog can easily figure
out whether you’re feeling stressed or happy.

How To Stop Your Dog Licking Your Face

Ignore Their Action.
often lick when they get attention. If you really want to stop your dog from
licking your face then don’t give them affirmations they require and they’ll
stop licking when they don’t get desired attention.

Redirect Their Action. Dogs sometimes also lick your face due to
hunger. So, it is one of the best ways to stop them from licking your face
where you can redirect their energy by putting either chew or bone in their

No And Walk Away
Simply ignoring your dog’s action won’t let them know that they are doing
something wrong. Therefore, take one step further and say No! in a firm voice
when they lick and pull away. This indicates that you don’t like this behavior
and they need to stop it.

Train Your Dog. Dogs like to lick your face but some dogs can get
carried away and licking human face becomes their frequent behavior. Hence, you
need to determine how you feel about your dog licking human face and then train
them to stay within the limits you set for them.

If you’re worried about the hygiene when your dog licks your face, don’t be. If you are punctilious with your dog’s health and provide plenty of attention and preventive care then you’re probably safe when your dog licks your face.

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