30 Cats Who Are Loving The Summer Heat

(Picture Credit: BERKO85/Getty Images)

Most cats love summer. It’s a great time to get out and nap at the beach, nap in the yard, or nap on the boat.

Even indoor cats can have more sunny spots to nap in thanks to the longer days. Just make sure you’re staying safe in the heat!

Some people call these the dog days of summer, but we prefer to think of them as the cat days.

They sure look like they’re having a good time! Is this your cat’s favorite season, too?

Of course, as much as our cats may love lying around in the sun, we also want to make sure they’re safe from summer dangers.

Here are a few quick safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to cats in the hottest season:

If you follow some basic safety tips, your cat will enjoy summer just as much as the kitties in the pictures above!

Does your cat enjoy life in the summer sun? Let us know in the comments below and post your cool cat pictures!

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