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I was sitting on my table at a restaurant having my share of carcinogenic and toxic food (Yeah even Vets like me eat unhealthy food; don’t be surprised; it’s easy to advise but hard to follow) when I heard a dog bark who was sitting on the table behind me with her parent. And just like how a dog can smell a familiar fragrance and identify people, even we vets (not sure about others but I do) can identify our regular clients just by hearing the voice of their pets.

healthy pet live longer

The small barking Yorkshire
terrier was my patient
and I don’t know about her but her parent, Emily wanted her to lose weight so
that she can live a healthy life. Every time Emily used to come for a checkup
she used to complain about her and her pup’s weight and how the terrier was
aging very quickly. She didn’t want her to age and wanted her to live with her

Well, as much as that
sounds crazy and funny it is true that in today’s age dogs are aging at quite a
fast rate. A 6-7-year-old dog is now considered a senior pet which was not the
case previously. Just like how human’s life span is getting shorter with time
due to the unhealthy lifestyle that we live.

Emily’s terrier then came on my table and
started barking on my face as if she was scolding me and saying, “ you were the
one who told my mother to stop giving me treats, my eyes are on you; you are
gone.” She was looking younger and healthier compared to her health at 5 years
of age when Emily used to complain.

It’s a satisfying feeling when as a vet I am able to make my patient’s life better, thus, I instantaneously decided while having my meal and listening to the scoldings of that poor terrier, that this week’s blog in Pet Care Supplies would be about how to make your dog live longer.

Pet parents always
ask questions in a joking way, “is it possible if I could stop my pooch from
aging? Or he/she is just 5 why is he/she is looking and behaving like an old
dog, is there a way to stop this?” And my reply to these wishful questions has
always been a positive- “Yes it is”

Yeah, you cannot completely
stop the aging process but by observing few healthy habits you can definitely
make your aged pup look and feel like a young pooch both internally and

So, for all you Emilies out there, here are the 5 tips that you should truthfully include in your pooch’s schedule to keep your Fido younger and healthier

Feed Raw And Natural Diet- Stay Away From Processed Food

Don’t fall for
the advertisements, these big brands surround you with advertisements and
convince you to buy their processed food that is filled with preservatives and
toxins. Right from childhood, you are conditioned to buy packed food but nobody
tells you that the raw and natural food is healthier, cheaper and free from

Avoid wheat, soy, sugar beets, and generic animal fat and gradually include raw fruits, raw vegetables, and raw meat. Change proteins in a set interval of time and also consult your vet to discuss the ideal mixture of different raw food items to maintain the balance of all the nutrients and avoid food sensitivities.

Don’t Go With Products That Contain Toxins And Chemical

The quality of
health and longevity mostly depends on the number of toxins that you put in
your pooch’s body. Try using the grooming products and shampoos that are
natural and free from sulfites and other chemicals. I mostly recommend
homeopathic supplies to make sure there are no side effects.

Also for shampoo,
I urge my patients to buy Essential 6 for skin and coat or MalAcetic
Shampoo and MalAcetic conditioner because they contain natural ingredients.

 Emily quiet liked these products and after that, she stopped complaining about the skin and coat dullness.

Filtered Water is Important

Don’t give tap water because it may contain several pesticides, heavy metals, and chlorine that can be harmful to your pooch’s skin, coat, and overall health. Never use a plastic container to give water because plastic derivatives can get into the water and make it toxic.

Avoid Medicines Like Antibiotics And Chemical Treatments

Rarely if you are giving treatments to your
pet that is fine but don’t make a habit out of it. Make sure if you are giving
antibiotics there better be a very strong reason for that and also don’t forget
to complete the full course of the treatment don’t stop in between.

Unnecessary use of antibiotics can result in bacteria getting immune to these antibiotics which will eventually force the vets to use the treatments that have severe side effects.

Start Feeding Enzymes And Probiotic drinks

Canned food or processed food doesn’t
contain enzymes because they get demolished in the cooking process. Your
pooch’s body is made to digest organic food that has several enzymes that
support digestion of food. Moreover, probiotic drinks help introduce healthy
bacteria in the body that support digestion. 

Don’t forget that the more you keep your
dog away from toxic substances the healthy your pooch will be. These points are
just an overview of the things you need to take care of. To discuss in detail
about these things you need to visit your vet and nutritionist to decide things
that are best suitable for your pet.

PS: Emily is a made-up name used to hide
the identity of the actual pet parent. So, if you are a girl named Emily and
reading this, don’t get offended and if you are that Emily who was my client,
don’t worry I haven’t mentioned your name as you can see.

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