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5 Reasons To Choose Advantage Flea Control For Your cat

Advantage for cats is one of the most popular flea control treatment for all breeds of felines. The easy to apply spot-on has been used across the globe to destroy and eliminate fleas in cats. It not only kills fleas but also protects the pet from biting lice. The spot-on treatment has a monthly effect which means it combats fleas for complete 30 days. There are many benefits of this topical treatment that saves cats not only from biting parasites but also from diseases caused by these pests.

Advantage flea control

Benefits of Advantage for cats:

Easy to apply: The topical treatment is easy to apply. Just let your pet sit in a comfortable position. Apply the contents of the pipette on a spot at the base of the skull. That’s it! Dispose the empty pipette and packing and you are done. Now, you can relax for a month.

Monthly treatment: Advantage shows a long lasting effect. It stays active for one complete month. Once it is applied, your kitty will not be infested by fleas for the next four weeks. So, the treatment works for a long time in controlling fleas.

Fast acting: It starts working within minutes of application and destroys 100% adult fleas within 12 hours. Its continuous action then destroys fleas for one complete month. Quick action of the treatment gives immediate control over flea population.

Waterproof: The treatment becomes water fast after 48 hours and remains active even if the pet goes for a splash. Best for pets that love swimming, Advantage remains active in all seasons including rainy times.

Safe flea treatment: The spot-on treatment is highly safe for all breeds and sizes of cats including kittens, cats, pregnant and nursing felines. Only if the pet is sick, you need to take vet advice otherwise this flea preventive will work in all life stages of the cat.

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Technical details of Advantage for cats:

Advantage for cats consists of Imidacloprid as the active ingredient. This systemic insecticide is a neurotoxin that disrupts the central nervous system of the parasites. This way, it causes paralysis and death of the parasite. Imidacloprid is clinically proven to destroy parasite population at a rapid rate.

The insecticide enters the hair follicles and spreads through the body movement of the pet. It thus spreads across the treated feline’s body within hours and eliminates fleas. Its water proof properties does not let it wash off the pet’s body and supports it’s consist action of flea killing.

Available in tube form with an unbroken seal, this spot-on is suitable for 8 weeks and older kittens and cats. It shows high margin of safety and can be used to treat pregnant and nursing cats without any side effects.


To sum up, Advantage for cats is an effective monthly treatment for all breeds of kittens and cats. The easy to apply solution destroys fleas, its life stages and biting lice within hours. It remains preventive for at least four weeks and is safe for almost all stages of a cat’s life cycle. Thus, pet parents can rely on it for flea proofing their kitties.

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